Four Years Just Isn’t Enough Anymore.

Reason #2 to Vote for Donald Trump:
Four Years Just Isn’t Enough Anymore.


When America’s founding fathers crafted the Constitution in the 1780s, life expectancy for a white male (the only people allowed to vote at the time) was only about 38 years old. A four-year Presidential term thus represented about 10% of the average lifespan. Four years was a LONG time in 1785. And back then, people (including politicians) got a TON of shit done in four years. Today, four years is a drop in the bucket, it happens in the blink of an eye, and often times, not much changes in that time – sans something revolutionary, it’s just not enough time to effect major change anymore.

Ever since Clinton in the 90s, Presidents have run two terms. Clinton, Bush, Obama …and yeah, though I cringe to say it, I think Trump needs a second one, too. Four years just isn’t enough, ESPECIALLY in today’s highly polarized bipartisan environment. It wouldn’t matter if the current President is Republican or Democrat, the current state of our country makes it impossible for a President of either party to fulfill the promises they made on the campaign trail, let alone those of the Oath they take.

Will Trump ultimately fulfill all of his promises? I don’t know. No one does. I don’t even think HE knows. But I hope he does. Well, at least, I hope he fulfills the ones I agree with, anyway. Had I voted for him, I’d kind of be feeling shortchanged right now that, with all the back-and-forth in Washington, (and yes, all the media bullshit, too), that four years just wasn’t enough for him to do it.

I do, however, agree with our founding fathers that eight years is plenty enough. I’m not suggesting we change the Presidential term from four to eight years, because, God forbid we get someone WORSE than Trump in office, we wouldn’t want to be stuck with him or her for EIGHT whole years, but I AM open to seeing what Trump can do if given another four. Especially with the current pandemic situation and all, I really don’t think a change of guard will help matters much. In fact, I think a change of guard right now will only muck things up more, as a new administration will need time to ramp-up its operation – time that, unfortunately, will cost us more lives in the interim.

Of course, that’s my two cents. Who the hell am I to say what’s best for this country? I peddle porn for Christ’s sake. But I do love my country to death and I want us to prosper. I want us all to be happy and healthy, and as W. Clement Stone would conclude, terrific! I do believe this administration is one of the worst. I do believe our shit is fucked up beyond any reasonable repair right now, but I also respect the Office of the President, and our government, and the system that runs it, and I understand that, while the President plays a major role in government, it’s really the SYSTEM and the people that run it that really keep this country going and growing, and I while I may not have complete faith in the President himself, I do have complete faith in the system and the great people in our government, on both sides, who run it – often times, in spite of the President.

While many might call me a Liberal (it’s easy to see why because I do lean a little Left), I hate the idea of being pigeonholed into either Left or Right, Liberal or Conservative, Republican or Democrat. I like to think of myself as someone who’s willing to explore both sides. I’m Pro-Choice, for instance, but I’m also Pro-Gun. I’m a diehard Bill Clinton supporter (best President ever!) but I also voted for George W. Bush, and supported McCain because I thought he would have made an incredible President …at that time. Party made no difference to me then, and it makes no difference to me now, I look at Presidential options like a menu at a restaurant and try to choose the best “value” for my vote – it may or may not come with everything I fancy at the moment, but so long as I get my money’s worth, and leave satisfied, I’m happy with it.

Am I satisfied with Trump? No. Not at all. I actually voted for Hillary. Would I have been satisfied with her? No. In 2016 both candidates had something I wanted, and I picked the one I thought was more palatable at the time. Did the better person win? In my opinion – YES. Why? Because Trump was (arguably) the consensus of MY country in 2016, so yeah, the better person won. That is, the person the majority of our country voted for. (Stop with your Electoral College bullshit and just hear me out.) I don’t have to like it or dislike it. As an American citizen who puts his complete faith in our system, I just need to respect it. And I do. Donald Trump won, however he won, and he is MY President …and YOURS, too.

Regardless of whether Hillary or Trump won in 2016, I believe we’d still be where we’re at today – the highest unemployment ever, a broken down economy, a shut-down and locked-down country, and both sides arguing and fighting and suing and investigating and impeaching. Only the names would be different. In fact, who really cares what would-of, or should-of, or could-of been? To even argue that is moot at this point. Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America, like it or not, and personally, I feel FOUR YEARS simply isn’t enough anymore to fulfill the oath of office. Period, dot-com, the end.

So in closing, yeah, four more years – I think President Donald Trump needs four more years – whether he “deserves” it or not – to prove himself; to vindicate himself; to clean up the mess we’re in. Do I think Joe Biden is a formidable opponent? Of course he is, and I’ll vote for him in 2024 (if Andrew Cuomo doesn’t run), but for now, it’s my two cents that the current, sitting President of the United States should be allowed the time to make things right, especially given the circumstances. Bringing Joe Biden in to “fix” the situation, I truly believe, will only make matters worse and cost us more lives, and be far more trouble than its worth over the next four.

One caveat to all of this, too, is that replacing Trump in 2020 with a Democrat only drops all of the troubles of this administration into the laps of Democrats. And for the next four- or eight-years Republicans will get to blame Democrats for all the troubles created during Trump’s administration – and he gets wash his hands of it all and walk away scot free, taking zero responsibility going forward like he’s done so many times in the business world with bankruptcies and shady dealings. I don’t think that’s fair to Democrats. No, sorry buck-o, you need to fix your shit! Like my mom used to say when I wanted to go out and play, “Before you leave this house, you need to clean up your fucking mess!”

Well, I think Donald Trump needs four more years to clean up his fucking mess before he leaves the house.

-– P.

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