A Vote For Trump is a Vote FOR the Liberal Media.

Reason #1 to Vote for Donald Trump:
A Vote for Trump is a Vote for the Liberal Media


Don’t be fooled. The “liberal” media has done more for Donald Trump than anyone. Not even HE can deny that. We’ve made him a rock star. We’ve given him the rare honor of being “Howard Stern-ed.” Back in the day, Howard was the most provocative voice in media – the KING of ALL MEDIA. Not only did his millions of fans tune in to hear him, but so did his millions of haters. It’s a phenomenon earned only by a few – Howard Stern, Rush Limbaugh and yes, Donald Trump. Sorry Howard, but in today’s tech-driven media climate, Donald Trump has undoubtedly earned the title of the NEW KING of ALL Media. Hands down.

Likewise, no President has done more for the media (liberal and otherwise) since Bill Clinton, than Donald Trump. Oh, the Clinton parallels are everywhere… The charismatic, womanizing, practically made-for-TV candidate who becomes President then gets impeached. In the 90s it turned CNN and Fox News into household names. Ratings were through the roof! Money poured into the news stations and even the newspapers and magazines at the time. President Clinton was big news and big profits. Then came the Internet, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Media outlets like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NY Times, Washington Times, The Blaze – you name it, there’s not a media outlet, liberal OR conservative, who’s ratings aren’t up because of Donald Trump. Media profits are through the roof! People are watching the news more than ever – haters and supporters both! Ad dollars are flowing, clicks are clicking, likes are liking, thumbs-downs are thumbs-downing… Social Media is ON FIRE because of Donald Trump. He’s singlehandedly saved Twitter (which no one cared about anymore) and Facebook can barely keep up!

No President since Bill Clinton has done more for TECHNOLOGY (especially MEDIA technology) than Donald Trump! The Clinton administration opened the Internet to the public (actually Al Gore and his “Atari Democrats” had been fighting to do it since the 70s) thus creating the largest technological revolution in the history of human existence. The stock market soared! New technologies were a daily occurrence… all paving the way for the Social Media revolution – a new revolution that, up until 2016 was KILLING the media as we knew it.
But just when the media thought it was over, along came Donald Trump to – CLEAR! – revive it on it’s death bed. He’s made social media a NECESSITY. Engagement is up, interaction is up, ad spending is up, profits are up, even stocks were up – and all he needs to do is open his mouth or use his fingers to Tweet. Ratings? WHO CARES! Ratings to the media are like odds to a casino – THE HOUSE ALWAYS WINS!

Donald Trump Season 1 to the media has been Clinton Administration version 2.0. No, we here in the media don’t HATE Donald Trump. “Hate” is a strong word. We “hate” him like we hate spellcheck – but realize it’s necessary for our survival. It’s more like the drama of WWE wrestling on Monday Night RAW …but politics. This time around, WE’RE the “heel” and we’re happy to be the heel and the punching bag so long as the eyeballs keep watching and reading, the fingers keep clicking and the profits keep …profiting! He loves us – loves to HATE us, that is – and we love him! That is, we love to hate him, too. And if YOU think it’s anything other than that, you’re probably one of those suckers who still thinks wrestling is “real.”

No, the liberal media NEEDS the excitement of Donald Trump Season 2. Our survival depends on it. It’s what we LIVE for. There’s no money in “Sleepy Joe!” Does he even tweet? We need Trump 2020 because we KNOW it will be the best season yet …for us. Seriously, look around, even with the world on lock-down during a deadly pandemic, who is STILL making money right now? Hell yeah we are, because …Trump.

My liberal media friends will hate to read this. They will disagree. But secretly, they know it’s true: A VOTE FOR TRUMP IS A VOTE FOR THE LIBERAL MEDIA!

– P.

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